Configuration – FAQ

Q 1. How do I access the configuration screen to change the Configuration Settings?

A. Only the Fleet Manager has access to change the ScreenSafe Configuration Settings.

Q 2. How can I change the Configuration Settings?

A. As Fleet Manager you access the Configurations Settings via the Mobile PC Manager Customer Portal.  This will require you to enter the Customer Portal Password for your Account ID. Once you save your Configuration changes, ScreenSafe will transmit the new changes to all computers the next time they connect to the internet.

Q 3. Can I configure some vehicle computers differently then the others.

A. Yes, you can group vehicles by Configuration Type or configure one or more vehicles with a unique configuration.  As an EXAMPLE:  You might have one configuration for new hires with less than 6 months behind the wheel.  You could have a different configuration for the rest of the drivers.  There is no limit to what you can configure, this program is highly customizable.

Q 4. What if I DO NOT want to monitor the vehicles speed or location.

A. The choice is yours.  If  you want to ignore speed and location simply “uncheck” that box in the configuration and it will not be recorded.

Q 5. Can I receive real time alerts of Policy Violations (a vehicle driving too fast)?

A. Yes, if the computers installed in your vehicles have real time wide area communications the ScreenSafe Alerts may be transmitted to the Web Server and viewed by the Fleet Manager.

Q 6. How will the Web Configuration Changes be applied if the vehicle computers do not have communications while in the vehicles?

The Web Configuration Updates will be stored on our Mobile PC Manager Web Server and transmitted to the laptop the next time the laptop is connected to the internet.