NEWS: Laptops Cause Crashes

Liability Risk for your Department?

While state distracted driving laws don’t apply to most law enforcement departments, the cost of a distracted driving accident can still be quite substantial.

It’s estimated that the average¬†distracted driving accident cost a department more than $24,500 per property damage crash, with the cost rising to $150,000 per injury and over $2.5 million per fatality. The officer’s career could be put in jeopardy and the department could face months of negative public relations.

Exactly how much of a problem is distracted driving for law enforcement? “In a 15-year average, vehicle collisions kill more cops than assaults do”, says Dr. Stephen James, assistant research professor at Washington State University.¬† in 2018, vehicle accidents was the second leading cause of officer fatalities.

ScreenSafe has the ability to allow the officer access to the MDT when needed but still limit interaction that could result in a distracted driving accident.


At only $79 per user per year ScreenSafe could be the best investment you company will make this year.  The cost to equip 100 vehicles is only $7,900, less than the cost of one distracted driving accident.

With ScreenSafe you can:

1. Provide the officer access to the MDT when necessary

2. Ensure your Safety Policy is being implemented

3. Reduce Officer involved Distracted Driving accidents

4. Maintain Community Trust


Let us answer any questions you might have and then give ScreenSafe a test in one of your cruisers on us.