NEWS: Laptops Cause Crashes

Liability Risk for a Company

Employers who install electronic computers in a vehicle in such a way as the driver can have access to the computer while driving are at risk for being complicit to a distracted driving law suit.

A study last year by the National Safety Council found just how devastating distracted driving by employees could be to a business. That research estimated that on-the-job distracted driving accidents cost employers more than $24,500 per property damage crash, with the cost rising to $150,000 per injury and to as much as $3.6 million per fatality. More than a quarter of the businesses surveyed equip employee drivers with some form of tablet computer, with another 8 percent planning to start using them over the next year.

While 70 percent of companies have adopted written policies designed to curb employees’ distracted driving, only 32 percent are confident that current enforcement methods are actually working. If you have a strict a distracted driving policy and you are aware everyone is breaking it does not remove the liability.

ScreenSafe and greatly reduce you liability be ensuring the driver is not typing and interacting with the computer on email, Facebook or watching videos while driving.


The U.S. Department of Transportation states that operating a mobile computer while driving impairs drivers response time the same as a blood alcohol content of .08.

At only $79 per user per year ScreenSafe could be the best investment you company will make this year.  The cost to equip 500 vehicles is only $39,500, less than the cost of one personal injury distracted driving accident.

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