Why Your Company Needs to Install ScreenSafe

ScreenSafe will allow you to insure that your companies safety policy regarding the use of in-vehicle computers is being followed.  ScreenSafe gives you toe ability to programmatically disable the ability to type and drive.

While 70 percent of companies have adopted written policies designed to curb employees’ distracted driving, only 32 percent are confident that current enforcement methods are actually working.  If you have a strict a distracted driving policy and you are aware employees are breaking it does not remove the liability.

Great Value

ScreenSafe is the most Affordable, Customizable, and Feature Rich “Distracted Driving” prevention application available, period. For less than $7 a month you can ensure compliance of your companies driving policies and ensure your fleet vehicles comply with all internal Safety Policies and Distracted Driving laws.  For less than the cost of ONE Distracted Driving Accident you could equip your entire fleet with software to prevent the next distracted driving accident.

It's Cheap Insurance

A study last year by the National Safety Council found just how devastating distracted driving by employees could be to a business. That research estimated that on-the-job distracted driving accidents cost employers more than $24,500 per property damage crash, with the cost rising to $150,000 per injury and to as much as $3.6 million per fatality.

At only $7,900 to equip 100 vehicles you can’t afford not to install ScreenSafe.

Customizable to Your Existing Safety Policy

While the Standard Default version of ScreenSafe provides extensive customization, the Cloud based  Global Manager function provides for unlimited customization. You can disable the keyboard and/or the display at any speed independently.  If you desire you can “Lock” the use of the computer to a single application while the vehicle is in motion to ensure the driver isn’t tempted to look at Facebook, search Amazon or watch a video.  We confirm to your Safety Policy.

State Laws Require ScreenSafe

16 states now have laws restricting the drivers use of an electronic device to send and receive electronic information. California and Illinois state laws now require any laptop in the front seat viewable by the driver to be powered off or have a “Screen Disabling” application installed. ScreenSafe, by Mobile PC Manager, allows compliance with State Distracted Driving laws. The liability of having a “Company Issued” laptop accessible to the driver is increasing. Unfortunately there already have been fatalities and serious injuries which resulted from the driver trying to operate a computer while driving.

Start Eliminating Distracted Driving Today.

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