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ScreenSafe Eliminate Driving Distractions by disabling the MDT based on your safety policy. ScreenSafe disables the Laptop Monitor when the vehicle is in motion based on your unique requirements.

Eliminate Driving Distractions


Law Enforcement

Mobile PC Manager can provide additional safety for your officers and your community by using our ScreenSafe software to ensure your existing safety policies are followed when the vehicle is in motion while providing officers access to their required programs.


Utility Company

ScreenSafe is a great tool for protecting the utility workers in the field who require the use of a laptop on the job site. ScreenSafe can lower your company’s Risk and Liability by reducing distractions and accidents caused by laptops being used while driving.



ScreenSafe is an easily installed, customizable solution for distracted driving. ScreenSafe Standard, Pro, and Elite versions run in the background without affecting other programs. Check out the all versions of ScreenSafe to see which is right for your fleet.

5 great reasons why

You Should Use Screen Safe

A Great Value (Only $85 - $115 per vehicle)

ScreenSafe is the most Affordable, Customizable, and Feature Rich “Distracted Driving” prevention application available.  Less than the cost of a single accident.

Highly Customizable

You can disable just typing or completely disable access to the computer and display at any speed. You decide what functionality you want, and at what speed; ScreenSafe will ensure compliance.

Robust Alerts & Reporting

ScreenSafe’s Global Manager has the ability to record alerts and generate detailed reports of vehicles activity and route. Read More

Company Driving Compliance

Not only will ScreenSafe function as an application to reduce “Distracted Driving”, but will also monitor Vehicle Speed.

Required for Commercial Vehicle

48 states have laws restricting texting while driving and 16 prohibit the use of a laptop while driving.

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