NEWS: Laptops Cause Crashes

ScreenSafe Distracted Driving Prevention Software can Limit the Liability and Risk for your Department?

While most state distracted driving laws don’t apply to law enforcement departments, a distracted driving accident can cost a department hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Additionally, the negative publicity can significantly effect the good will the agency has worked to create with the community.  ScreenSafe distracted driving prevention software was designed to improve officer safety by ensuring the MDT complies with the departments safety policy rather than relying on the officer to not be distracted.  Unfortunately, too many officers text or type on their MDT’s while driving and end up either an accident.  ScreenSafe can limit or disable typing while driving by disabling the display when the vehicle is in motion.  ScreenSafe can also limit or disable the keyboard on the MDT when the vehicle is in motion.

Distracted driving accidents cost a law enforcement department an average of $24,500 per property damage crash.  If a private citizen is involved, the cost can rise to $150,000 per injury and over $1.5 million with a fatality.  In addition to the monetary costs, distracted driving accidents can lead to months of  public relation challenges, not to mention the damage to a patrol officer’s career.

Exactly how much of a problem is distracted driving for law enforcement? “In a 15-year average, vehicle collisions kill more cops than assaults do”, says Dr. Stephen James, assistant research professor at Washington State University.  In 2022, vehicle accidents were the third leading cause of officer fatalities.  Don’t let a texting while driving accident cost your department.

ScreenSafe limits distracting interaction for patrol officer’s while still giving access to the MDT when needed.


At an averaged cost of $95 per vehicle per year, ScreenSafe could be the best investment your department will make this year.  For less than the cost of one distracted driving accident of $9,500, a department could provide a safer environment for 100 patrol officers.

ScreenSafe Distracted driving software is designed to disable the officers ability to interact with the MDT when the vehicle is in motion.  It is also able to restrict or limit the officers ability  to access other online and social media websites from the MDT when the vehicle is in motion.  The objective of the ScreenSafe distracted driving software is to allow the officer the ability to use the MDT when needed and when safe.  By limiting the ability to interact with the MDT at high speeds the officer is able to focus on the road and ensure the vehicle is being driven safely.

With ScreenSafe you can:

1. Maintain Community Trust

2. Reduce Officer involved Distracted Driving accidents

3. Ensure your Safety Policy is being implemented

4. Provide the officer access to the MDT when necessary

Let us answer any questions you might have and then give ScreenSafe a test in one of your cruisers on us.