NEWS: Laptops Cause Crashes

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Mobile PC Manager is a strong supporter of the Below 100 organization.  Below 100 is committed to supporting a culture of safety throughout the law enforcement community. They are committed to providing law enforcement agencies the tools and resources needed to make a culture of safety thrive throughout your department.  For more information on how Below 100 can help your department please contact them at

“Law Enforcement deaths were up to 651 in 2021.  Traffic-related incidents were the second leading cause of officer deaths. The Below 100 organization was formed to provide training and awareness to Law Enforcement to reduce preventable line of duty deaths and injuries.  Mobile PC Manager has committed to partner with Below 100.  Contact us to find out how Below-100 can help lower the risk of officer injuries within your department. ”


 Brian Smith, President Mobile PC Manager

The 5 Tenants of Below 100