Installation – FAQ

Q 1. Can I install my ScreenSafe license on multiple computers?

A. You may install ScreenSafe on multiple computers.  Since ScreenSafe is associated with the USER you will need one license for each user of ScreenSafe.  If you have 25 Officers that use 15 vehicles with computers/MDTs, you will need to purchase 25 licenses.  ScreenSafe is licensed on a per user basis.

Q 2. Does ScreenSafe support a Roaming Active Directory?

A. Yes, ScreenSafe fully supports the fuse of  an “Active Directory”. Please contact a member of the Sales or Support team for more information on how to implement the install.

Q 3. Can I utilize a "Silent Install" or other batch installation software?

A. Yes, it is recommended that larger installation utilize a “silent install” procedure to push out the ScreenSafe application to hundreds or thousands of computers at once.  Please contact a member of the Sales or Support team for more information on how to execute a silent install.

Q 4. Does the computer need to be connected to the internet?

A. You only need to be connected to the Internet during the installation and activation of ScreenSafe.  Once the software is installed and activated it only needs access to the Internet to download configuration changes that were implemented by the Fleet Manager.

Q 5. How do I access the configuration screen to change the Configuration Settings?

A. Only the Fleet Manager has access to change the ScreenSafe Configuration Settings.  Changes to the Configuration file for ScreenSafe are made in the Cloud and require a separate password known only to the Fleet Manager.

Q 6. I need to reformat my computer, how do I reinstall ScreenSafe?6

A. You should first ensure that you are connected to the Internet.  Then you simply use the Windows “Uninstall Program” feature found in the control panel.  This will launch the ScreenSafe uninstall utility.  Since you are connected to the Internet during the uninstall,  your license will be parked and you will be able to reinstall it on another computer when needed at no cost.

Q 7. I purchased 5 ScreenSafe licenses and now realize I need more, can I add licenses to my current account?

A. Yes, contact or your Preferred ScreenSafe Reseller for information on how to purchase additional licenses for your account.