Purchase – FAQ

Q 1. I manage a large fleet, can I get Fleet Pricing?

A. ScreenSafe is already priced at a very affordable price already, however, our Sales Managers have some latitude in providing “Fleet Pricing” for larger orders.

Q 2. Our Laptops have a built in GPS, do I need an external antenna?

A. The ScreenSafe application has a built in “GPS Port Splitter” utility that allows your internal GPS antenna to provide a NEMA signal for any existing mapping application you may already have as well as our ScreenSafe appliation. You DO NOT need to purchase an additional GPS antenna.

Q 3. I already have a GPS antenna deployed, can I purchase just the ScreenSafe software application?

A. Yes, ScreenSafe is compatible with most internal and external GPS antennas that provide NMEA protocol.  If you want to use (or purchase) a third party GPS Antenna, we recommend you send one of your GPS Antennas to the Mobile PC Manager QA Team for testing and verification to ensure it is compatibility with ScreenSafe.

Q 4. If I am not satisfied with ScreenSafe, can I get my money back?

A. While this hasn’t ever happened, ScreenSafe stands behind its product. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We will even pay for the return shipping. Customers must call for an RMA number prior to returning any product.

Q 5. If I need an external USB GPS, what is the cost?

A. ScreenSafe has a recommended external USB GPS antenna that uses the U-blox driver.  The cost of this GPS antenna is $24 per device.  This is a one time cost and we guarantee its performance.  Contact Sales@MobilePCManager.com to request a quote.