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    ScreenSafe Distracted Driving Prevention Software

    Safety is at the heart of every law enforcement officer’s job. But what happens when the tools designed to help them serve and protect become a distraction on the road? ScreenSafe, by Mobile PC Manager, is a cutting-edge software designed to prevent distracted driving in law enforcement vehicles.

    Today’s law enforcement officers rely on Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) in their vehicles for crucial information. But using these MDTs while driving can lead to distractions and, in the worst cases, accidents. That’s where ScreenSafe comes in. When the vehicle moves, ScreenSafe knows it’s time to spring into action. It disables the MDT display or keyboard, keeping officers focused on the road, not their screens.

    ScreenSafe isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s designed to be flexible, meeting the unique needs of your department. Need the GPS or radio to stay on while driving? No problem. ScreenSafe can be set up to allow certain features to stay active. And as soon as the vehicle stops, the MDT comes back to life, giving your officers immediate access to vital info.  ScreenSafe is 100% customizable and will conform to YOUR safety policy.  You tell it the speed you want to disable a specific feature or function and ScreenSafe follows you orders.

    ScreenSafe also runs in the background and will not interfere with any other mapping or mission critical application.  It’s sole function is to limit access at a predefined speed.

    ScreenSafe is an investment in safety. With it, you’re likely to see fewer accidents, less money spent on insurance claims, and most importantly, peace of mind. You’ll know your officers are safer on the road and can serve and protect without unnecessary risks.

    Seeing is believing: we’re offering a trial period for to test ScreenSafe on your department vehicles. Experience how it can improve safety, improve focus, and cut down on distracted driving incidents. You’ll see the benefits without having to spend a dime.

    In law enforcement, the goal is to protect and serve. ScreenSafe supports that mission by adding an extra layer of protection for officers. Don’t wait until a distracted driving accident happens. Try ScreenSafe today. Let’s create a safer environment for our officers and our communities. After all, the road might be unpredictable, but with ScreenSafe, your officers’ safety doesn’t have to be.