ScreenSafe Eliminates Distracted
Driving for Law Enforcement

ScreenSafe is the only distracted driving solution that allows a fleet manager to choose the speed at which a laptop screen is disabled. This ability to customize ScreenSafe allows it to be used in multiple industries. Police Departments and other emergency responders now have the ability to choose the speed at which a driver is no longer distracted by the laptop.

ScreenSafe provides a safer environment when a high speed pursuit is required by a police officer. Police officers are a tremendous asset to their community when interacting with their laptops at lower speeds while cruising a neighborhood. That same laptop can change from an asset to a liability as the vehicle’s speed increases. ScreenSafe does not impact the operation of any programs running on the laptop nor is the audio output affected while ScreenSafe is running.

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The department Patrol Commander has the ability to customize the ScreenSafe application to allow access to the MDT when acceptable to the published Safety Policy.  Command can also limit “vehicle-to-Vehicle” texting while the vehicle is in motion.  ScreenSafe lets you decide how little or how much you want the officer involved with the MDT and at what speed.  ScreenSafe lets you choose to disable the keyboard and/or the display at any speed. ScreenSafe is FULLY Customizable to your Safety Policy and you can change any limitation across all vehicle within 10 minutes if you decide to change a policy.


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Below 100 Partnership

Law Enforcement deaths were up to 144 in 2018, a 12% increase from last year’s 129.  Traffic-related incidents were the second leading cause of officer deaths. ScreenSafe has partnered with the Below 100 Organization and will donate 30% of all sales thru December, 2019 to Below 100.

Risk & Liability

An Officer involved Distracted Driving accident involving another vehicle could cost the Department hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In addition to this it would likely be a PR nightmare.  At only $79 per officer per year, ScreenSafe is cheap insurance for your department.

MDT Access Retained

The MDT is a powerful tool and can save the officer time and improve the flow of information.  With ScreenSafe you DON’T have to disable the MDT if you desire, you can just eliminate vehicle-to-vehicle texting from the MDT.  You decide what is best for your department.