ScreenSafe: Eliminate Laptop Screen Distractions

ScreenSafe is a software application that once installed on the vehicle’s MDT or laptop can disable or limit use of the keyboard and/or display at any speed eliminating driver distraction. The ScreenSafe application is completely customizable ensuring your department’s safety policy is being implemented. Improve officer and driver safety by reducing the temptation of typing on the MDT or computer while the vehicle is in motion.

ScreenSafe –  Keyboard and/or Screen Disabling Software for less than $8 per month.

More companies and law enforcement agencies are equipping their mobile workforce with Laptops or MDTs. It is almost impossible to protect the drivers and the company by ensuring the computer is not a “Distraction” to the driver while the vehicle is moving. ScreenSafe can give you the tools to reduce typing while driving and reduce the risk of a distracted driving accident.

      ScreenSafe PRO Version is only $95 per year!


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Now with ScreenSafe, the Fleet Manager can quickly and easily ensure 100% compliance with company or department policies.  Start your trial today and test ScreenSafe on your vehicle. At a cost of Less than $8 per month per vehicle, you can provide a safer working environment and ensure compliance with your existing safety policies.

ScreenSafe is now able to support either existing internal or external an GPS as well as locations sensors.  ScreenSafe’s Port Splitter utility (FREE with each license) enables ScreenSafe to utilize your laptops integrated GPS signal (or our external USB GPS) to determine the vehicles location and adjust the performance of the computer to comply with company policy and ensure compliance with division safety policy or State “Distracted Driving Laws”.

  • Easy to Install and Manage
  • Driver Cannot Override System
  • Cloud Configuration in Real Time
  • Very Affordable
  • Fleet Admin sets Custom Limits & Rules
  • “Distracted Driver” Law Compliance

ScreenSafe is a Windows software application that once installed on the vehicles laptop (or MDT) can disable the keyboard and/or display eliminating driver distraction. The ScreenSafe application is completely customizable allowing the Fleet Manager complete control over when to disable the monitor. ScreenSafe reports are uploaded when the laptop connects to a communications network or the internet.

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Key Features of the ScreenSafe application include:

Global Manager

Ability to set custom vehicle operation parameters

Enable / Disable Speed

Ability to Customize Screen Disable/Enable Speed

Quick Peek

Driver “Quick Peek” option with click of a button

Max Speed Violation

Identify Drivers who Exceed the “Maximum Speed” Limit

Custom GEO Fencing

Create Custom “Geo-Fence Areas” to limit unauthorized trips

Police Notification

Law Enforcement Compliance Screen with click of a button

Minimize your expenses & comply with state driving laws

As a Fleet Manager you must not only reduce liability but also ensure that your vehicles comply with state and local “Distracted Driving” laws. Distracted drivers have already cost companies hundreds of thousands in lawsuit judgments. The ScreenSafe PRO Version annual subscription rate is only $95 per vehicle and the ELITE Version is only $115! At this modest rate of less than $8 per month you can provide a safer working environment for your employees and officers.  With this investment, ScreenSafe allows the Fleet Manager to ensure that all company and department vehicles operate in compliance with the existing safety policy as related to the use of the computer/MDT while the vehicle is in motion.

Start Eliminating Distracted Driving Today.

Only $8 per vehicle per month ($95 per MDT per year)