The Configuration of ScreenSafe

ScreenSafe provides the ability to disable typing while driving.  You can also disable the display while driving at any speed.  ScreenSafe’s customization allows you to pick the speed and what you want to disable or black out at any speed.

ScreenSafe was designed with a simple, user friendly installation and configuration wizard that will allow a Fleet Manager to configure and activate ScreenSafe in less than 10 minutes. ScreenSafe also has the capability for a Fleet Manager to access our cloud based ScreenSafe Customer Portal and customize the configuration template that will be automatically downloaded and applied to all vehicles in the fleet.

Once the configuration template is created, the individual vehicle drivers will not have the opportunity to alter or make changes to the configuration created by the Fleet Manger. This Configuration will be automatically downloaded and installed in each ScreenSafe enabled laptop or MDT. The Fleet Manager can even view an online report and verify the date and time the configuration was applied on the remote laptop computer.
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ScreenSafe’s Cloud based configuration tool will allow the Fleet Manager to create custom groups of vehicles with unique configuration settings. If needed, the Fleet Manger can even specify configurations that only apply to specific cars. For example, a fleet manager could maintain one configuration file that applies to public works vehicles, another for city manager’s vehicles, and yet another for all emergency vehicles. The Fleet Manager could even create a “special Configuration Group” for drivers on probation who have problems with speeding while at work. ScreenSafe is the most powerful, most customizable Distracted Driving Protection Application available.

Some of the more popular Configuration Settings a Fleet Manager can select include:

enable-disable-speedEnable / Disable Speed

Some Fleet Managers may want the laptop/MDT to immediately disable the keyboard and screen as soon as the vehicle begins moving, other Fleet Managers (example: city power line inspectors) may want the display visible at speeds of less than 45 mph but for the keyboard to be disabled as soon as the vehicle is in motion. Because of it’s flexibility and customization, ScreenSafe could be used on laptops of Utility vehicles, Police and Emergency vehicles. ScreenSafe will not restrict the operation of any other programs running on the computer; just the drivers/officers ability to type while driving.

quick-peekQuick Peek

This option can be enabled or disabled. The Quick Peek function allows the driver to hit the “space bar” and allow temporary viewing of the monitor for a limited number of seconds as defined in the configuration settings. This allows the driver to have a “Quick Peek” at a mapping application or destination address.

gps-unpluggedGPS Unplugged

One concern many Fleet Managers have is that a driver might try to defeat the application by unplugging the GPS. If this happens ScreenSafe will log an Alert and notify the Fleet Manager. The Fleet Manager can also configure the action ScreenSafe takes should a Driver Unplug the GPS. You can either re-enable the laptop for simply LOCK the laptop from use until the GPS is reattached. The ScreenSafe application will also play a warning message (“GPS Removed”) if the driver unplugs the GPS. If desired, the Fleet Manage has the ability to TOTALLY DISABLE any laptop the moment a driver attempts to disconnect the GPS antenna; the laptop will become operational again once the GPS antenna is reattached.

police-notificationPolice Notification

If a vehicle is stopped by an officer of the Law Enforcement he can simply show the officer the “Police Page” which verifies that the computer was disabled while the vehicle has been in motion. ScreenSafe constantly records the status of the screen and is able to provide this information in an easy to read format that clearly explains how ScreenSafe was able to lock the monitor.

max-speed-violationMax Speed Violation

Alerts can be set to notify Fleet Manager when vehicle speeds exceed limits set in the configuration file. Simply set the Max Speed Limit for a speed (say 70 MPH) and Screen Safe will alert both the Driver (verbal warning) and the Fleet Manager (email alert) if the vehicle is traveling at a speed over the limit set.

The Key Word is Customization

As you can see ScreenSafe was designed to allow each company and department to customize the application to not only conform with State Distracted Driving Laws, but to also meet their unique policy for safe driving. With ScreenSafe the Fleet Manager is able to create a custom configuration that meets his company’s vehicle driving guidelines.

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