Installation of ScreenSafe

ScreenSafe can be installed onto any computer or MDT that has Windows a Windows operating system. It requires very little overhead and will operate as a “background task”. Once installed ScreenSafe will automatically start when the computer is started. The driver or officer never has to start or configure anything.

There are two ways to install ScreenSafe:

  • First, you could simply download the install software from our customer portal (Support/Software Downloads) and simply install the software locally on the laptop. This is the most common way to install the software for your initial trial.
  • Second, you could “push” the ScreenSafe software out to your entire fleet using an MSI silent install application. This is recommended for fleets with several hundred vehicles.

All configuration of ScreenSafe is preformed by the Fleet Administrator from central command. The vehicle drivers or field officers never have access to any configuration options or safety performance parameters. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to someone on our support team if you have any installation questions.

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