ScreenSafe Cloud Manager for Web Reporting & Alerting

The Cloud management of ScreenSafe’s Web Reporting and Alerting functionality allows the Fleet Manager to be able to log into the ScreenSafe online Web Server and view a detailed series of Reports and Alerts on vehicle operation and use. The Fleet Manager can not only view current information and statics on all vehicles in the fleet (assuming the vehicles have on-board communication) but also access historical information on vehicle activity.
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Cloud Management, Web Based Reports and Alerts include:

installed-licensesInstalled Licenses

This is the time the vehicle first began moving that day. This feature is great for verifying employee “start work” time.

inactive-vehiclesInactive Vehicles

This is a list of vehicles that ScreenSafe has determined either are not being driven or are being driven without an active GPS device. If the Fleet manager knows employee “Bob” is operating a vehicle with a laptop installed and the ScreenSafe report shows the vehicle has never reported movement, the Fleet manager can deduce that employee “Bob” did not connect the GPS and needs to be reminded to comply with company guidelines.

max-speed-violationMax Speed Violation

Alerts can be set to notify the Fleet Manager when vehicle speeds exceed limits set in the configuration. Simply set the Max Speed Limit for a speed (say 70 MPH) and Screen Safe will alert both the Driver (verbal warning) and the Fleet Manager (email alert) if the vehicle is traveling at a speed over the limit set.

policy-violationPolicy Alert Violations & Reports

(based upon configuration settings) include:

  • Maximum Speed Exceeded
  • Vehicle Speed over Trip
  • Number and Location of Vehicle Stops
  • Rapid Acceleration/Deceleration
  • Vehicle Trip Mapping
  • Active & Inactive Vehicles
  • Attempting to disconnect the GPS while the Vehicle is in motion
  • Driving the vehicle without the GPS Installed (Worm Hole)
  • Attempting to leave the defined “Geo-Fencing” Area

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