How to Purchase ScreenSafe

ScreenSafe installs on any Windows Computer and is associated with the USERID of the individual using the computer.  ScreenSafe is only $95 per year per vehicle for the PRO Version or $115 for the ELITE Version.  There is no annual software maintenance fee and all upgrades  are free as long as you maintain your subscription license.

PRO Version ONLY $95 per MDT per Year

Purchase Directly from Mobile PC Manager

ScreenSafe is the Distracted Driving software solution developed by us, Mobile PC Manager LLC. You can purchase the ScreenSafe software directly from us, or we will work thru an existing reseller whom you currently use.  It is your choice.  Simply submit a “Quote Request” form and we will begin the process of getting you a quote which you can then use to create your Purchase Order.

How Much to Equip my Entire Fleet with ScreenSafe PRO or the ELITE Version?

Licenses Needed Pro Version Annual Cost Elite Version Annual Cost
10 Vehicles $ 950 $ 1,150
20 Vehicles $ 1,900 $ 2,300
50 Vehicles $ 4,750 $ 5,750
100 Vehicles $ 9,500 $ 11,500
200 Vehicles $ 19,000 $ 23,000
300 Vehicles $ 28,500 $ 34,500
500 Vehicles $ 47,500 $ 57,500

CLICK HERE to view the different features included in each Version.

The cost of ScreenSafe is typically less than the cost of a single distracted driving accident.  If a distracted driving accident involves another vehicle and a personal injury claim, the cost could exceed several a hundred thousand dollars.  ScreenSafe is the most affordable decision your department could make to insure against a distracted driving accident.

Increase Officer Safety by Eliminating
Distracted Driving with ScreenSafe.