ScreenSafe Eliminates Distracted
Driving for Utility Companies

ScreenSafe is the only distracted driving solution that allows a fleet manager to choose the speed at which a laptop screen is disabled. This ability to customize ScreenSafe allows it to be used in multiple industries. Utility Companies with a fleet of vehicles now have the ability to choose the speed at which a driver is no longer distracted by the laptop.

ScreenSafe provides a safer environment when a high speed pursuit is required by a police officer. Police officers are a tremendous asset to their community when interacting with their laptops at lower speeds while cruising a neighborhood. That same laptop can change from an asset to a liability as the vehicle’s speed increases. ScreenSafe does not impact the operation of any programs running on the laptop nor is the audio output affected while ScreenSafe is running.

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A fleet manager has the ability to customize the ScreenSafe program to allow a “Quick Peek” at the screen if that feature is required. MobilePCManager is proud to provide software that can provide a safer environment for public departments who work hard to provide safety for their communities. ScreenSafe helps to ensure that the laptop in the officer’s vehicle continues to be an asset and tool and does not become a hazard to the officer’s life or safety.


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Company Liability

Juries have awarded hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars to those injured by a distracted driver.  If you give your driver a computer in his vehicle and don’t locket its use while in motion it becomes an “attractive nuisance” and you may be liable.

State Driving Laws

While 47 states has laws against “texting” while driving, 16 specifically prohibit the driver interacting with a computer while driving.  If you don’t disable access to the internet, messaging, Facebook and a thousand other applications, you could be liable in an accident.

Why ScreenSafe?

ScreenSafe lets your driver view the information needed while driving like routing or delivery information. It also lets you disable access to Google, Facebook and messaging.  You can disable the keyboard while allowing them to view only authorized screens.